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About the Foundation

Pratima Chandra Foundation is an independent research, training and support Organization for promotion and development of performing arts and traditional Indian music. The Foundation is focused on the issues, challenges and opportunities of the true form and involvement of Indian performing arts and traditional music. The Foundation believes in understanding contemporary Indian creative efforts in its global context through a civilizational point of view in a society on the forward move.

Based on the principles of independence, objectivity and academic nicety, Pratima Chandra Foundation aims at increasing awareness and advocating its views on issues of both traditional and contemporary Indian performing arts and music. It seeks to articulate the glorious Indian heritage perspective on such issues.

The Foundation formed in the loving memory of Smt. Pratima Chandra, will strive to achieve its purpose of encouraging, supporting and promoting talents in the rich tradition of Indian musical excellence. The journey of her life which flowed from her deep love for music will keep her alive through the countless musical talents that will blossom through this noble effort of the foundation.

With a team of dedicated professionals based at its office in Kolkata, the Foundation works with partners and associates both in and beyond West Bengal to further its stated objectives.

Our programs incorporate six different approaches

  • To carry on social activities, functions, undertake various projects for promotion, development of performing arts and traditional Indian music.
  • To provide financial assistance to the needy and meritorious students willing to undertake higher studies in the field of performing arts and traditional Indian music.
  • To impart rewards, awards and felicitate artists for performing arts and Indian traditional music.
  • To provide a platform for artists and students engaged in performing arts and traditional Indian music and to organize exhibitions, conferences, festivals, soirees etc in connection to such art.
  • To institute, maintain and run scholarships and other kinds of aid to meritorious students.
  • To do all such other things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives.

Life of Pratima Chandra

Srimati Pratima Chandra nee Purnima Law was born in Kolkata on 16th April 1946 in the famous Laha Paribar to Sri Balai Chandra Law and Srimati Aloka Law.

Born into a family with a rich, cultural and musical heritage, her musical interests were also shaped by regular interactions with many leading musical personalities of that era.

She was initiated into music at a very early age by her mother under the caring guidance of her maternal grandfather, Banikantha Sri N. C. Baral, who was a music exponent and a performing vocalist and composer. Subsequently, her melodious voice and abundant musical talent were honed under the tutelage of Shri Siddheswar Mukhopadhyay, Sri Akhil Bandhu Ghosh and later on by Sri Dhiren Mitra, who helped her develop a wide repertoire of classical based Bhajan, Kirtan as wellas Rabindra Sangeet & Nazrul Geeti.

Smt. Pratima Chandra at her earlier age

Sri N. C. Baral

Sri Siddheswar Mukhopadhyay

Sri Akhil Bandhu Ghosh

Sri Dhiren Mitra

In the year 1962, she bagged the First Division with Distinction in the music examination conducted by All-India Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad. She subsequently passed out from the same Academy in the year 1968.

Among other reputed awards and titles, she received WBMC award for Bhajan, Kirtan and Rabindra Sangeet and ISMC awards for Rabindra Sangeet and Old Style (Puratoni) Bengali songs. Her versatility as an artist could be seen in diverse genres of music like Thumri,

In 1962 after her marriage, she moved into the second phase of her life. She however pursued her relentless devotion towards music along with her duties and household chores and many other social activities.

Music to her was a very personal way to connect with the eternal source of goodness and life all around. Throughout her entire life, music played a great role that profoundly influenced the life of everybody associated with her. She left for her heavenly abode in April 2016, leaving a rich legacy of her deep rooted love for music. Her life-long love for music as a source of strength and sustenance has evolved into the ‘Pratima Chandra Foundation’ as per her wishes.